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About WildKart

Wildkart is a reality which was born from Metalfil, an Italian company which worked in precision engineering in aeronautics since 1996. After working for several years as subcontractors and after accumulating experience in the most sensitive areas of mechanics, we realized that we could put our know-how to the services of Kart’s world, which was far from the production’s and construction’s systems of the actual Automotive.

WildKart Technology

In 2002 WildKart decided to make their ideas concrete and to propose You the brand Wildkart. From the idea of an innovation, to the study and the development of their products, to the working process, everything is done in their company where, from the raw material of Italian origin, highly specialized staff creates their various articles with CNC precision’s machines “Made in Japan”.

We hope that these few words can permit You to better understand how Wildkart works into the International Karting World.

Too good to be true?

Let’s do a little visit into our firm, so You can better value what is described here above.

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